One of the challenges in mining industry is to keep the crushers in different stages up and running.
The availability of these equipment is enabling the end users to use the equipment more frequently.
Wear subjected by following raw material with two-body abrasion mechanism together with extensive impact are named as major factors of these challenges.

Here are some important aspects to be considered:

  • Design of the crushers
  • Size of crushing particles and output range
  • Base material chemical and mechanical specification
  • Particle sizes and chemical and mechanical characteristic of the crushing material
  • Operation temperature and environment humidity
Aliaj Joosh has developed specific welding material which has high impact resistance with moderate abrasion resistance for extensive impact environment and high abrasion resistance with moderate impact resistance alloy for abrasive environment in crushers.
Our operation and automation team are able to provide hardfacing services on site to the end users to enhance the durability of crushers and reducing the down time of their operation.This technology is offering:  
  • Lowest operation down time
  • Enhancing crushers’ lifetime
  • Eliminating manual welding repairs and risks
  • Reducing overall maintenance costs
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