Vertical Grinding Mills

The limestone or clinker, often with some additives, is ground using Vertical Grinding Mills equipment. The rollers and tables are subjected to 3-body abrasion and need to be hardfaced regularly.

During the operation and subject to pressure and wear between rolls and table segments, VGM is losing the effective surface to grind the material properly. This would cause irregular wear patterns on the wear resistant high chromium cast iron segments and cause an undesirable vibration which could potentially reduce the lifetime of equipment and increasing power consumption. In addition, worn out areas would cause loss of production and accordingly reducing the availability of the equipment in long term. All these factors reduce the efficiency of Vertical Grinding Mills in cement plants.

Aliaj Joosh hardfacing services on Vertical Grinding Mills brings high level of value to the end users and OEMs by:

  • Enhancing rollers and tables lifetime
  • Minimising vibration
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing the number of stoppages and increasing the productivity
  • Minimising the stock costs

Thanks to our close partnership with major OEMs, Aliaj Joosh is the first company providing this technology and services in the region. Our services are not limited to Iran, however our experienced team provide this service to the neighbour countries, such as UAE, Pakistan, Turkey, Qatar and Syria.

Aliaj Joosh has an extensive knowledge to chose the most suitable alloys from our 3-body abrasion resistant family (AJM100, AJM300 and AJM400) and hardfacing techniques for reconditioning the rollers and tables. Our automation and operation team are able to offer this service with highest response time at our customers site.

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