Welding Technology Centre

Our products and services are not only limited to manufacturing of cored welding wires, hardfaced and cladded components and abrasion and corrosion resistance equipment. Here at Aliaj Joosh we’ve set ourselves the goal of sharing our welding expertise with our customers and partners in order to understand their daily challenges and develop excellent solutions.

AJ “Welding Academy” is a centre founded by our expertise with collaboration of our international partners to deliver the new technologies in the field of welding metallurgy, alloy design, automation and practical welding performances.

Highly equipped mechanical and chemical laboratory enabling our participants to examine their trials by accurate results.


  • Welder training by Virtual Welding Simulator.
  • Practical welder training with the most advanced automatic, semi-automatic and manual welding equipment.
  • Basic welding technology.
  • Understanding ASME and API standards.
  • Advance training for destructive and non-destructive tests.
  • Advance training for understanding surface deteriorations of critical components in mining and steel industry and applying the best solution for enhancing lifetime by weld-overlay technology.
  • Advance training for understanding abrasion mechanism of critical components in cement industry and applying hardfacing solutions.
  • Advance training for welding of high alloyed Stainless Steel and Nickel based alloys in Oil & Gas.
  • Advance training for material selection in surface engineering and hardfacing applications

Advantages and benefits;

  • Customized training courses for specific industries
  • Learning by local and international experts
  • The option of on-site training
  • Training in small customised groups
  • Modern teaching methods
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