Roller Press

Grinding using roller press rolls takes place under significant rolling fatigue conditions where the rolls are often subjected to highly localised stresses.
Aliaj Joosh has designed high strength and high toughness buffer materials for rebuilding worn out rollers. In addition, our material AJ RP600 is formulated to provide a crack-free wear resistant hardfaced surface.

Our operation team is well experienced to deliver fully automatic hardfacing services to reconditioning the rolls both at our shops or customers site.

This includes local repairs, complete machining, cladding and hardfacing under restrict welding conditions and heat treatment work.

With collaboration of major OEMs we have also supplied various new already cladded rolls to our customers.

Aliaj Joosh hardfacing services on Roller Press Rollers brings high level of value to the end users and OEMs by:

  • Enhancing rollers lifetime
  • Minimising vibration
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing the number of stoppages and increasing the productivity
  • Minimising the stock costs
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