Oil and Gas and Petrochemical


Oil and Gas is one of the most important sources of energy in the world. Due to the extreme sour environment, it is becoming more challenging environment to recover these two resources. Highly safe regulations, economies of scale, availability of equipment and productivity are specifically considered in this industry.

Aliaj Joosh has provided weld-overlay cladding solutions both to on-shore and off-shore Oil & Gas fields by delivering an impressive portfolio of projects.

This enables us to offer a wide range of customised solutions for corrosion related challenges in Oil and Gas and petrochemical industries to enhance the lifetime of the equipment and components.

Our fully automated cladding services apply high integrity corrosion resistant alloys, including Inconel 625 and 825, Monel 400, Alloy C276 and C22, Stellite 1-6-12 and Stainless Steels 300 and 400 series.

Our cladding equipment has the latest technology, which significantly increases our production rates, ensuring lower base metal heat input through the welding process to achieve lower Fe% dilution and increased travel speeds.

This can be applied to a variety of based metals such as:

  • Carbon Manganese Steels
  • Low Alloy Steels
  • Martensitic Steels
  • Ferric Stainless Steels

As well as being approved to ISO 9001:2015 as a part of our Integrated Management System (IMS), we also approved to ISO 3834:2005 and using the following standards

  • ASME (Section IX, II, V, VIII)
  • API 6A
  • API 5LD
  • ASTM
  • API RP 582
  • NACE

Our quality control team are internally assessed and approved for the following examinations;

  • Dye Penetrant Inspection (PT)
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI Examination)
  • Magnetic Examination (MT)
  • Ultrasonic Examination (UT)
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Hardness Test
  • Chemical Test
  • Ferrite Determination
  • Metallurgical Examination (Metallography)
  • Dimensional check


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